Karen (2)     My name is Karen and I am an artist who has struggled with depression and ADD all my life. I was not diagnosed until I was an adult, so I spent most of my childhood wondering what was wrong with me. Why wasn’t I like everyone else? Doing art was my escape and way to deal with it. I could lose myself in the art and forget about my troubles, for a while anyway.

I like to share my art and skills with others and I volunteer at a day club for people with mental illness. I help them to use arts and crafts as a way to bring some joy into their lives and as a kind of meditative therapy.

I am inspired by nature and I enjoy capturing the beauty of it. I love color and I use it along with tones, shades, highlights, and shadows to bring subjects forward and make objects appear three dimensional and life like. I also have been experimenting with abstracts and like to use bright, happy colors. My goal as an artist is to create works that bring pleasure to peoples’ lives. I paint in oils and acrylics on canvas and I also do murals. I enjoy working with textiles, beads, and mosaics as well as photography. I also do commissions.

Karen has been working in many different medium. She has a keen eye for detail and her paintings prove that. She has won awards and works with others to share her passion and expertise. She makes jewelry, woodblock prints, photographs and Giclee prints of her original paintings; both to be framed and as all occasion cards. Below you will see some examples; a print of her painting of orchids that won an award at Orchid Quest 2015; a woodblock print, necklaces and one of her photographs of water lilies.  She is willing to work with clients to accommodate their needs.


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