#Ron Wendt – Zen Glass Art


Artist’s Statement 2015

I am a retired Professor of Communication who now faces the daily challenges of numerous permanent disabilities, including chronic pain. I employ a Zen Buddhist (meditative) lifestyle and mind-frame to understand and show empathy and compassion for all creatures who suffer from pain, anguish, misery and torment. I feed my passionate creativity by building stained-glass-on-glass mosaics, many of which suggest such Zen themes as: solitude, courage, bliss, humility, innocence and compassion.

I consider myself to be, first and foremost, a colorist — I strive to showcase vibrant colors, in various bold combinations. From my perspective, stained glass provides the best medium for exploring the the full color spectrum. I sincerely hope that my Zen Glass Art causes people to think differently and/or more deeply about what art means to them. My ultimate goal as an artist is to better understand and communicate my true self and to explore the ineffable aspects of emotion, inspiration, and higher consciousness.





glass broken  .  .  .

i forget



Below is a picture from my cell phone, as capable as it may be, pales in comparison to what you will experience from the following   link: http://r-wendt.wix.com/zenglassart                                                                                       See what I mean!


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