Indigo Wings Gallery & Studio


This time last year I don’t remember if it was snowing, like today. I do remember being neck deep in paperwork, hurriedly filling out state and federal forms bolstered by the excitement that I was fulfilling a dream. At the time, I had no idea that there would actually be a physical location with “Indigo Wings” above the door before the year was up. What started as the realization of a decades old dream was now a reality, a stark reality.

Visions and dreams often are a large measure of possibilities and some small measure of reality. This was the first dream I had dared to invest my heart and soul into and on a good day I am so grateful for all we have accomplished. There are sixteen artists who bought into this vision and whose creations grace the Gallery walls, tables and windows. Individuals who’s backgrounds exposed them to beauty and pain and that combination has inspired their creations. If you have been following this blog you have read about some of them. There are more stories to tell . . . perhaps another day, when I am more hopeful about the future.

Reality alas has reared it’s ugly head. All my efforts at fundraising and publicity have not worked out. The art is here, very few people have actually seen it. We have a website,  it has a Donate button that has never been used,. There is a Facebook page “Indigo Wings Inc.”, also an unused Donate button. There was the Ignite Madison speech, reprised at Nonprofit Day, a video containing an impassioned plea, both of which are still somewhere on Youtube. It’s really hard to compete with kittens and cute kids on Youtube. We did try the cute kid angle, alas, I am no better at getting my grand daughter to do as I ask as I was with my kids at that age.


Then there is this blog, I know I need to invest more time in it, I just can’t find any. No matter how many webinars I sit through, insights gained and tried, I have still failed to get the message across. This reminds me of my first marriage, which ended in divorce and people telling me they knew I shouldn’t have married him but didn’t want to say anything. They were right, I probably wouldn’t have listened, I was as full of hope for the future then as I was at this time last year.

Back to reality. We come in every day, hopeful, and on many days no one else does. Some times a curious individual comes in to “see” what is here, loves what they see, and then leaves. These artists create beautiful objects that need to be seen to be appreciated, but they also need to be purchased, or I have failed. Honestly, despite what you may have heard, I do not bite and if I talk too much, just tell me, and I will leave you alone, or perhaps make you a cup of tea.

We are located at 4601 Monona Drive, Suite 102. (across the street from Rocky Rococo Pizza). There are a number of artists who work on special commissioned pieces so call 608-286-1222 or email and we can connect you to an artist.




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